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Our goal of combining the best in worldwide engineering, design, and support ensures plastic processing machinery of the highest quality and at a maximum value.

At Shini USA (a division of Budzar Industries), we understand the important role that equipment plays in the success of your business.

Without high-quality, durable plastic process equipment that you can count on, production can halt and money can be lost. This is why we strive to provide our customers with unparalleled quality and support with each of our products.

As a leading plastic processing and plastic recycling machine supplier, Shini USA is dedicated to supplying the very best for our customers. From the outstanding quality of our plastic process equipment to our cost-effective solutions, our customer dedication sets us apart from other plastic recycling machine manufacturers.

We strive to ensure you get the correct plastic processing machinery to fit your operations. This is why we offer material testing, quality control checks and an excellent support team to help with any questions.

Our goal is to not only provide you with the best price to fit your budget, but to ensure that you have plastic processing machinery that will get the job done every time. Whether it’s high-efficiency plastic granulators or the diverse line of hot oil units, desiccant dryers and more, we offer a wide range of products that help companies in the plastics industry to succeed.


Throughout the plastic processing procedures, it’s essential to remove excess moisture from the resin in order to maintain the molecular structure of the polymer.

Removing the internal moisture from resin cannot be done by hot air alone, which is why desiccant drying and dehumidifying equipment is so important.

All of our desiccant dryers are equipped with the latest rotary wheel drying technology, which allows the dehumidifying, regenerating and cooling cycles to occur simultaneously.

Our drying and dehumidifying machines also include several other features that make them more efficient and help eliminate certain problems that are common with other dryers.

We offer a variety of drying and dehumidifying equipment, including:

With a compact design and 35% operating savings, our units fit seamlessly into your current operations.


As you go through your procedures, it is often necessary to transport bulk materials from one process to another.

To do this, many manufacturers rely on feeding and conveying equipment to move powders, granules, capsules and other small particles throughout the facility.

Unlike other machines that often create frequent hygiene and maintenance issues, our pneumatic conveying systems not only eliminate these common problems, but also increase efficiency and save you money.

Our feeding and conveying equipment includes:

Our conveying and feeding machines are easy to install and operate, and they can be customized to better accommodate your needs.

Heating and Cooling

In manufacturing and processing, consistency is key. Every product or part that leaves your facility needs to meet the same quality standards.

At Shini USA, we understand the importance of this because it’s something we strive for ourselves. This is also why we’ve designed a complete line of versatile heating and cooling equipment that adds stability and consistency throughout your processes.

For example, our industrial chillers are ideal for cooling parts more quickly, which not only gives the part time to solidify, but allows you to produce more parts efficiently in the same amount of time.

Some of our heating and cooling machines include:

With our heating and cooling equipment, you can rest assured knowing that your facility will always be running at an optimal level.

Granulating, Recycling and Shredding

Whether you call them granulators, grinders or something else entirely, they are still an essential component to the recycling process.

Our granulating and recycling equipment is used across many diverse industries to grind up a variety of materials including wood, rubber and plastic.

In the past, our machines have been used to grind up wood pellets for energy use, poker chips for casinos, and even money for the government. Shini USA’s specialty, though, lies within the plastic processing industry.

Each of our granulating machines comes equipped with hardened D2 cutting knives, which ensure even granules and minimal dust. These knives can also be economically replaced.

We offer several different types of granulators:

If you aren’t sure which of these plastic granulators is right for you, send us a sample of your material. We’ll grind it up and send it back for you to see the quality of our machines for yourself.


Our line of automation equipment includes:

These machines are equipped with their own unique features to accommodate a variety of needs across several industries.

Feeding and Blending

When processing plastics, you often need to mix colors or additives into your resin, so why not use equipment that will save you both time and money?

Our plastic processing machines attach directly to the material stream at the feed throat of your processing unit, allowing you to easily and accurately mix and blend.

We offer both single-color auger feeders and dual-color auger feeders, depending on your needs. Most importantly, our industrial mixing machines are designed to eliminate the mess that typically comes from the process of blending colors or additives.

At Shini USA, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customers with high-quality plastic process equipment at a price they can afford. We also back all of our machines, from our plastic granulators to our desiccant dryers and industrial chillers, with excellent customer service.

If you would like to learn more about us, or any of our plastic processing machines, please contact us today.

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