In the plastic processing industry, you need equipment that has easy functionality and will handle materials with exact efficiency.

Enter Shini USA.

We have a wide variety of reliable granulators for sale, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are 14 reasons why you should choose our equipment for your facility:

1. We have many types of plastic granulators for sale

No two companies have the same needs, which is why Shini USA offers several different plastic granulators, allowing you to easily find the one that works best for you.

Our machines include low-speed granulators, staggered blade/beside-the-press granulators and central granulators (solid rotor/staggered knife and open rotor/scissor cut).

2. Our plastic granulators are operator-friendly

The equipment you use in your facility certainly shouldn’t cause added stress. Our plastic granulators are designed to help your business run easily and efficiently.

3. Every Shini USA plastic granulator makes part cleaning and maintenance easy

No more having to take apart the entire machine just to clean or fix a part. With a plastic granulator from Shini USA, you can easily access the section of the machine you need.

4. All of our granulating machines feature D2 cassette knives

These knives have a unique blade-cutting design that ensures well-proportioned granules with minimal amounts of dust, making your facility cleaner and safer for your employees.

plastic granulator

5. You will save money with our economically replaced knives

In addition to reducing the amount of dust in your facility, D2 blades save you money by eliminating the high cost of resharpening and resetting knives.

6. Our plastic granulator machines grind a variety of plastic parts

Whether you need to grind up sprues, runners or rejected parts, our granulators will get the job done.

7. With our machines, you will increase the overall efficiency of your business

Our easy-to-use granulators help eliminate the distribution and storage of waste and regrind while always maintaining product quality.

8. We offer central granulators with solid or open rotors

Open rotors are designed for less dense parts such as bottles, bottle closures, thin wall housings, thin extrusions and film. Closed rotors are for more dense materials and those with thicker profiles.

9. We are dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction

We offer a variety of support services for our customers, backed by a dedicated support team that will provide you with technical assistance. And, if additional help is needed, we would be more than happy to service your unit for you.

10. Every plastic granulator is equipped with several safety features, including an emergency stop button and a main power disconnect

We also offer other safety features that vary from machine to machine, including finger-safe components, dual electrical safeties, motor overload and safety interlocks.

11. Two types of our granulators feature soundproof enclosures

Our low-speed and staggered blade granulators all have soundproof hoppers, which can significantly reduce noise pollution in you facility.

12. We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry

As a sourcing company, we are able to work within your budget while still offering the best machines.

13. All of our products, including our plastic granulating machines, meet or exceed industry standards

Standards are in place for a reason, but we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that we are providing our customers the best granulators in the industry

14. We maintain a large inventory of replacement parts for when you need them

Find the Right Plastic Granulator Machine for Your Company

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