Shini USA’s plastic granulators are ideal for the plastics, injection molding, and blow molding industries.

With competitive pricing and superior performance, each of our granulators is guaranteed to meet your specific needs.

Find the Granulator That is Right For Your Company

When choosing a granulator for your facility, there are a lot of factors to consider. What exactly am I grinding? What kind of space do I have to work with? Is the machine operator-friendly and easy to maintain?

Luckily, Shini USA offers a variety of machines, perfect for all types of grinding applications and facility needs. Plus, you simply won’t find a plastic granulator for sale that is easier to use.

Simply check out our line of granulators below to find the one that’s right for you:

  • Low-Speed Granulators: Our low/slow speed granulator options include a solid and open rotor model. The high-efficiency machine is equipped with D2 steel cassette knives, allowing for minimal dust and economical replacement.
  • Staggered Blade Granulators: The staggered blade granulators feature a soundproof enclosure for low noise operation. These granulators are user-friendly with many safety features and allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Central Granulators (Solid Rotor or Open Rotor): Our central granulators are perfect for grinding larger quantities of materials and cutting them into well-proportioned pieces to minimize dust. They also include an integrated blower, vacuum bin discharge, safety interlocks and a hardened cutting chamber.

Discover More About Our Plastic Granulators for Sale

Want to learn more about Shini USA’s line of plastic granulators and what they can do for your company? Contact us for more information or for a free product quote.