Granulators from Shini USAAt Shini USA, our commitment to providing excellent customer service means that we strive to produce a range of products to fit everyone’s needs.

So in addition to our dryers, dehumidifiers, hot oil systems and shredders, we also offer a variety of PVC grinders.

These PVC granulators are perfect for the housing and construction industries, allowing operators to easily recycle things such as PVC pipes and house siding. And if you are looking to sell your PVC material, each of our machines meets reprocessing requirements, allowing your company to sell the PVC to be reused to make other products.

What You Need to Know About Our PVC Grinders

A PVC grinder from Shini USA is truly engineered with you in mind. Operator-friendly, our high-quality PVC grinders include many features that allow you and your employees to operate the machinery easily and safely.

These granulators are easily maintained and ecologically superior with their advanced performance capabilities. Some of these industry-leading advantages include:

  • Easy accessibility with tilt back hoppers
  • Easy cleaning
  • Economical replacement of parts
  • Simple maintenance
  • Specialized blades for PVC material

Want to learn more about our PVC grinders and what they can do for your company? Contact Shini USA today to request more information.