Shini USA is known for selling granulators that work with a wide variety of materials, including plastics. But they also efficiently dispose and reduce the size of many natural and synthetic rubber products throughout all types of industries.

Why Choose a Shini Rubber Granulator?

granulatorsWe are all about making things easy for our clients, and you’ll see that in both the construction and operation of our rubber granulators. Each machine is equipped with a unique blade design and D2 cassette blades that provide superior performance to minimize dust amounts. These blades require no adjustment and can be replaced easily and economically. The granulating of rubber (in the form of bales, sheets, chips and more ) can serve many purposes and applications, including:

  • Creating rubber mulch for a variety of uses, such as horse arena ground cover and playground surfaces
  • Athletic tracks and fields made from rubber chips
  • Granulating rubber tire crumbs
  • Cables, conveyor belts, glues and more

Other general features of our rubber granulators include:

  • High efficiency and either a low-speed motor or soundproof enclosure
  • Tilt back soundproof hopper
  • Easy and safe access for cleaning and maintenance without tools
  • Energy efficiency

Get the Most Efficient and Reliable Rubber Granulators for Your Company

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