Whether you call them granulators, grinders or something else, it all means one thing to us: high-quality plastic recycling equipment designed to make your business run more efficiently.

With industry-leading reliability and versatility, a press granulator from Shini USA (a division of Budzar Industries) ensures optimal performance for all types of plastic processing companies.

For plastic processors, finding the right kind of press granulator to use in one’s facilities is an essential step towards success. Granulating equipment needs to be reliable and operator-friendly, along with requiring a minimal amount of maintenance.

We understand these needs of plastic processing companies, which is why we offer press granulators that promise those features and much, much more.

Choosing Our Press Granulators

Every Shini USA press granulator is equipped with hardened D2 cutting knives; the unique blade design ensures well-proportioned granules with minimal amounts of dust. The blades themselves offer excellent wear and abrasion resistance, but can be easily and economically replaced. This eliminates the high costs and hassle associated with resharpening knives on a regular basis.

The design of each granulator also allows for easy accessibility to every part, which results in easy cleaning and reliable performance.

Granulators from Shini USAOur current line of operator-friendly press granulator equipment includes:

  • Low-Speed Granulators Solid Rotor & Open Rotor
  • Staggered Blade Granulators
  • Central Granulators Solid Rotor & Open Rotor

Each of our press granulators features an emergency stop button and a main power disconnect. We also offer safety features that vary per machine such as finger-safe components, dual electrical safeties, motor overload and safety interlocks.

In addition to the standard industry-leading features, each press granulator is also equipped with unique capabilities that meet our customers’ diverse set of specifications.

Find the Perfect Press Granulator for Your Company

Our goal is to always reach 100% customer satisfaction, which means we will work with you to find the press granulator that perfectly suits your company’s needs. To learn more about our equipment – and to get a price quote – be sure to contact Shini USA today.

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