Plastic Material Dryers

As a plastic processing company, you need equipment that can be both reliable and efficient on a daily basis.

At Shini USA, a division of Budzar Industries, we strive to ensure that every plastic material dryer we sell goes above and beyond the typical standards of effectiveness.


Finding the right plastic material dryer can sometimes be a difficult process because each type of dryer has different capabilities and features.

For example, hot air dryers are ideal for resins that have no affinity to moisture, while desiccant dryers are perfect for drying resins that have a tendency to absorb moisture.

There are also other things to consider, such as the fact that vacuum dryers cut down drying time and honeycomb and rotary wheel dryers are able to create a stable dew point throughout the drying process.

Unlike other plastic material dryer manufacturers, we understand that the needs of our customers are diverse, which is why we’ve made sure to carry products that will meet those unique, specific needs. With that in mind, our available drying equipment includes:

State-of-the-Art Technology

Each plastic material dryer from Shini USA comes equipped with state-of-the-art drying technology that includes everything from exceptional airflow to a rotor that allows for dehumidifying, regenerating and cooling cycles to occur simultaneously. And while there are many exceptional standard features to our machinery, every plastic material dryer has its own unique qualities that make it an industry-leading piece of equipment. That includes everything from compact product designs to energy savings up to 35%.

Extra Features

In addition to our versatile and technologically advanced dryers, we also offer numerous optional features that you can add to your machine. These include:

  • Dew point monitors
  • Touchscreen controllers
  • Suction boxes
  • Hopper loaders and more

Of course, as with all of our products, you also receive our dedication to providing the highest quality customer service.

To learn more about our line of plastic material dryers, and what they can do for your company, be sure to contact Shini USA today below.

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