Reliable 5-Ton Air-Cooled Chillers from Shini USA

At Shini USA, we combine the best in engineering, design, and support to deliver the highest-quality plastic processing equipment available. When it comes to 5-ton air-cooled chillers, our products are proven to deliver a number of benefits to manufacturers looking to increase the efficiency of their production capabilities.

Your company is probably seeking a balance between price and premium quality. At Shini USA, we have just the 5-ton air-cooled chiller you need. Continue reading to find out more about the features and advantages of our 5-ton chillers. Continue reading “Reliable 5-Ton Air-Cooled Chillers from Shini USA”

Granulators for Sale from Shini USA

All of the Service Manuals are available in PDF format. Should you not locate the manual you require, In the plastic processing industry, finding the right kind of granulator is an essential step to a company’s success, as each kind of granulator variation serves a different application.

To help that process, Shini USA, Division of Budzar Industries offers three general types of granulators for sale:

  • Low Speed (Solid Rotor/Staggered Blade & Open Rotor/Scissor Cut) Granulators: features include high efficiency, low-speed motor, tilt back soundproof magnetic-charged hopper, safety interlocks, obstruction alarm and models with a throughput of 100 to 286 lbs/hr
  • Staggered Blade/Beside the Press Granulators: features include full soundproof enclosure, blower evacuation, reversible screen, energy efficient operation, cutting blade retainer for quick blade changing, tool-free access to drop-down screen cradle and models with throughout of 230 to 900 lbs/hr
  • Central Granulators (Solid Rotor/Staggered Knife & Open Rotor/Scissor Cut): features include integrated blower, vacuum bin discharge, motor overload, solid pulley design and dual electrical safeties, outboard sealed bearings and models with throughput of 1,350 to 5,000 lbs/hr

With each granulator for sale, users are equipped with D2 hardened cutting knives, along with safe and easy access for cleaning and maintenance without tools. Better yet, every one of these machines is operator-friendly and safe, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Learn More About Our Granulators for Sale

Used for grinding sprues, runners and rejected parts, these machines are as versatile as they are reliable. And with a unique cutting blade design that creates well-proportioned granules with minimal amounts of dust, you are guaranteed satisfaction with our products.

To learn more about our granulators for sale, be sure to contact Shini USA today.

10-Ton Chillers from Shini USA

Are you searching for a cost-efficient 10-ton chiller? Shini USA is proud to offer the perfect piece of equipment for you. We take the guesswork out of shopping for industrial manufacturing equipment by providing the clearest cost-advantage: quality.

With our unique benefits and features, our portable 10-ton air-cooled chillers come equipped with top-quality components.

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What You Need to Know About Our Vacuum Conveying Equipment

Self Contained Hopper LoadersOur vacuum conveyors are the ideal solution for minimizing dust and air contamination within your facility.

And when you choose a vacuum conveyor system from Shini USA (a division of Budzar Industries), you’ll know you are receiving the very best equipment and customer service.
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