Desiccant Dryer From Shini USAFeaturing the latest rotary wheel drying technology, a desiccant air dryer from Shini USA offers efficient, reliable drying for the plastics processing industry.

With the ability to attain a temperature of 320°F and options for high temperatures exceeding 350°F, our desiccant air dryers are perfect for plastic processors.

What Sets Our Desiccant Dryers Apart from the Rest?

Each desiccant air dryer we carry guarantees an industry-leading efficiency, along with a 35% operating savings, thanks to a compact design that allows the unit to fit seamlessly into your current processes.

Additionally, the rotary allows dehumidifying, regenerating and cooling cycles to occur simultaneously, further increasing the unit’s efficiency and energy-saving capabilities. And every desiccant air dryer is loaded with optional features (such as a dew point monitor, touch screen controller, suction box, hopper loader and more) that help customers meet their specific, unique needs.

The desiccant air dryers that Shini USA, Division of Budzar Industries offers include:

With an unlimited service life and timing belt drive that eliminates the slippage problems of traditional belts and broken drive teeth often found with chain drive designs, a desiccant air dryer from Shini USA gives your facilities everything needed to operate as smoothly as possible.

Order the Highest-Quality Desiccant Air Dryers for Your Company

To learn more about our desiccant air dryers – and to get a price quote for your business – be sure to contact Shini USA today.

Advantages of Desiccant Drying