Self Contained Hopper LoadersOur vacuum conveyors are the ideal solution for minimizing dust and air contamination within your facility.

And when you choose a vacuum conveyor system from Shini USA (a division of Budzar Industries), you’ll know you are receiving the very best equipment and customer service.

What is a Vacuum Conveyor?

Vacuum conveying is an easy and hygienic type of pneumatic conveying that transports fine powders, granulated materials, capsules and other small particles.

In this process, materials enter the delivery point through an enclosed pipeline using a stream of clean air generated by a vacuum blower package. No moving parts contact the materials, which means no dust escapes and no contaminants can enter the system.

This form of conveying has many advantages, including safety, efficiency, hygiene, cost effectiveness and flexibility.

The Vacuum Conveyors We Offer

Central Vacuum Receivers: These compact vacuum conveyors offer easy access to each component and are built to withstand even the harshest operating conditions.

Single Station Vacuum Receivers: Our two types of single station receivers (The Shini USA SHR-U and SHR-U-E) are made using high-quality stainless steel. They feature a vacuum sequencing valve, as well as a bin for dust collection and easy cleaning.

Separate Vacuum Hopper Loader: This type of hopper is designed to convey materials over long distances. These vacuum conveyors are equipped with overload protection and a low material shortage alarm.

Get the Best Conveying Equipment for Your Company

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