Your company is probably seeking a balance between price and premium quality. At Shini USA, we have just the 5 ton air cooled chiller you need.

How Shini USA Can Help Keep Your Costs Low

At Shini USA, we prioritize finding the best value in equipment in order to keep our prices reasonable for our customers.

We know you feel the same way, which is why our chillers are reliable, efficient, and the best option, no matter what your industry may be.

  • High-quality components: As veterans in the manufacturing market, we know reliability keeps our customers happy. Our 5 ton air cooled chillers feature only the best non-proprietary parts from suppliers.
  • Operator-conscious products: We’ve revamped our units to direct warm air byproduct up and away from your personnel and other equipment.
  • All-in-one package: Each chiller unit has all components included inside, such as full diagnostics and a non-proprietary controller for your convenience.

Talk to a Team Member About the Specifications You Need

Weighing the benefits? Our representatives are happy to help you assess the perks of each of our models. We have a selection of chiller options with varying voltages and capacities.

Let us assist you in pinpointing the perfect option based on your industry and manufacturing considerations. We have more than ten years of experience in the manufacturing market that we look forward to applying to your company’s situation.

To find your new 5 ton air cooled chiller, be sure to contact Shini USA today.