Are you searching for a cost-efficient 10-ton chiller? Shini USA is proud to offer the perfect piece of equipment for you. We take the guesswork out of shopping for industrial manufacturing equipment by providing the clearest cost-advantage: quality.

With our unique benefits and features, our portable 10-ton air-cooled chillers come equipped with top-quality components.

The Unique Benefits of Our 10-Ton Chillers

There are many advantages to choosing your air-cooled chiller from Shini USA. In addition to being a leading manufacturer within the industry, Shini supplies systems that consistently maintain an effective productivity level. Our proven history of success within the industry allows our customers to remain confident in our products.

The direct benefits of choosing our 10-ton air-cooled chillers include:

  • Cost effective due to our lower up-front costs
  • Taking up less space compared to water-cooled chillers
  • Lower costs and maintenance due to eliminating water treatment costs

An added bonus of our products is that the hot air is ducted through the top of the chiller and can be directed away from the manufacturing area, removing heat from the vicinity of your operators.

These advantages allow you to maximize your efficiency by maintaining comfortable temperatures and making space less of a concern.

Features of Our 10-Ton Air-Cooled Chillers

When it comes to our 10-ton air-cooled chillers, Shini USA has created two options.  The options that we offer are 230-volt 10-ton chillers and 460-volt 10-ton chillers. The features inherent in each unit include:

  • Finger-safe electrical components
  • Non-ferrous construction
  • Fully insulated reservoir
  • Brazed plate exchanger
  • 10’ power cord
  • Head pressure control via fan motor cycling

By implementing one of our 10-ton air-cooled chillers, you are able to quickly and efficiently cool pieces in order to keep your production line running at optimal levels.

Other Products

We continue to offer products that remain top-of-the-line to ensure they will help you meet your plastics processing needs. In addition to incorporating our 10-ton air-cooled chillers into your operations, we offer products for diverse applications:

All of our systems are created to help keep your operations running smoothly, and we are dedicated to delivering the best quality of products. In order to ensure this, we make all of our machines go through a series of quality control checks before they are shipped to our customers.

Shini USA Will Find the Perfect Model for You

With our goal to deliver 100% customer satisfaction with every unit to every customer,  Shini USA makes caring customer service a top priority. Our customer service has allowed us to maintain a leading position in the plastics auxiliary automation equipment market for more than ten years. Due to our dedication, we have also been able to help clients all over the country.

Reach out to our dedicated team today with any questions about choosing the perfect chiller for you. We are ready to help!