If you’re viewing this post, then chances are you or your company may be in need of a grinder or granulator. Since these products are sometimes confused with each other , it is imperative to know not only what each product is and what it does, but which is best for your company and your desired outcome.

Let’s face it – if you happen to purchase a machine that isn’t the right fit for your applications, it could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in equipment and replacement costs.

To avoid this, let Shini USA help you make the right decision the first time around by distinguishing the various facets of industrial shredders, grinders and granulators. We’ll be looking at:

  • What each product is
  • What each product does
  • Industrial applications for each product

A Key Factor to Consider Before Purchase

Grinding and granulating are terms generally used interchangeably in the context of taking a material and making it smaller. However, each of our products goes about this process in different ways and each has varying specialties. Once you understand the key differences between each product, you’ll be able to purchase the one that is the most ideal for your business’ desired production.

Taking the next steps in purchasing one of our machines includes considering the following factors:

What Is the Desired End Size for Your Material?

Once your material has been shredded, grinded or granulated, what will its new size be? Depending on your application and the industry you’re in, you may need to reduce your material to 2” pieces or you may want smaller, shredded bits.

Other aspects to take into consideration when determining your material’s reduced size include:

  • Speed – Our lower vs. high speed machines have varying motor sizes, production rates, and more.
  • Compatibility – Is the material you’re reducing going to be compatible with the machine you’ve bought or will it stall production?
  • Pricing – What does your budget look like? At Shini USA, we offer a full range of products with varying prices, as well as monthly specials and deals.

Now that you have an idea of your operations’ needs, it’s time to distinguish the key differences between grinders and granulators to make your decision that much easier.


plastic grinders

Another line of products that may be beneficial for your company’s operations is our line of grinders. Industrial grinding is the process of shaving or chipping material into small pieces from an original, larger piece.

In some cases, grinders can be used to reduce the size of a material that has already been shredded into thousands of smaller particles, chips or fibers, sized to 1/2” or less.

Specific applications in which a grinder would be a useful tool include:

  • Grinding plastic to be made into recyclable materials such as bottles.
  • Creating poker chips from plastic that has previously been grinded.
  • Grinding scrap and sprues

Shini USA’s line of grinders includes products that accommodate various size, speed, and voltage power requirements. To find which of our grinders is the best fit for you, browse our products page or contact us today to receive a free quote.


plastic granluators

Similar to grinders, our line of granulators will also reduce the size of many materials to your ideal fit. However, there are a few key aspects to remember:

  • What distinguishes granulators from our other options is that granulating equipment can reduce your material to a much smaller size than grinders or shredders can, leaving end products as small as 0.2 mm or lower.
  • This much smaller size is made possible because of granulators’ open rotor design. The design allows for optimal processing of lighter or airier materials that may not be compatible with closed rotor equipment seen in our grinders and shredders.
  • Open rotor design also has the increased benefit of leaving more room for air space and product agitation/cooling.

In addition, granulators can be used after a material’s size has already been reduced with a grinder or shredder to be made even smaller. In this way, granulators can work together with shredders and grinders to give you the exact sizing that you desire.

Potential applications for granulators include the following:

  • Granulating a plastic bottle that doesn’t reduce size as efficiently in a closed rotor design.
  • Further reducing the size of a plastic ink cartridge that has been previously shredded.

Our line of granulators encompasses many sizes and models to meet your requirements including, horsepower, throughput, low speed, beside the press and more. Contact us today for a free product quote.

Pick the Product That’s Right for You

Now that you know the major differences between our  grinders and granulators, you should have a better idea of the machines that would be the most beneficial for your company’s needs.

If you aren’t sure which unit to select, or have questions about any of our machines, remember, we’re here to help! Be sure to reach out to us today because your decision could significantly boost your company’s production rates.

To request more information, simply fill out our quick online form.