Prashant Lingam plastics interview

Bamboo House India was recently featured in our blog post, “7 Innovations Happening in the Plastics Industry Right Now.” We were interested in learning about what’s inspired owner Prashant Lingam in their recent plastic recycling projects and what projects they plan on doing in the future, so we reached out for a Q&A:

  1. What inspired you to use plastic bottles to build a bus stop?

This was our third experiment with plastic bottles. In 2013, we made an entire house 15ft x 15ft with pet bottles, and in 2015 we made a 11,000-gallon water tank 20ft x 5ft x 5ft, and then we made garden fencing using pet bottles.

The motivation was to send a positive message to society to use used plastic bottles. Since it might not be easy to stop using plastic, we all need to find ways to reuse the material however we can, and that is how our work with plastic bottles started.

  1. Do you plan on using recycled plastic bottles for any other innovations?

Our latest work is with “plastic bottle tree guards” and we have already developed a prototype. We are at present trying to make “plastic bottle rope,” “plastic bottle LED lights,” and “water bottle pencil sharpeners.”

We are also developing 100 bus shelters out of plastic bottles, making “plastic bottle roofing sheets,” “plastic bottle donation shelters,” and “plastic bottle animal shelters.”

  1. Do you have any other cool projects you are currently working on?

We are developing ideas to make “bottle bricks” into square shapes for low-cost housing, as we strongly believe that if they work over here they can solve multiple problems the world is facing today, regarding people’s livelihoods, their housing, and their plastic waste. We are also working with our local governments to develop plastic recycling parks, where all forms of plastic can be exhibited and contribute to the community. 

  1. What are your thoughts on the ways recycling can be made easier for people?

We’re currently setting up “plastic recycled zones” in all schools and colleges in our city. They are 1000 sq. ft. shelters made entirely with used bottles where students would be invited to develop new innovations/creations using plastic bottles.

We feel that so many brains will surely come up with numerous innovations, small as well as big. We want all to develop very simple and non-technical, easy to replicate innovations which everyone can do on their own in their neighborhoods, schools, offices, and parks.

  1. Have you been inspired by any other plastic innovations recently?

Yes, we recently came across a new article where we noticed plastic bottles being converted into brick forms for housing and that was a huge inspiration which we want to replicate now.

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