Made in China 2025 and Its Push for Automated Manufacturing

Food industry automation

As technology advances, demands continue to be heard around the world for manufacturing that is more innovative, eco-friendly, and efficient.

One example of this international drive for efficient manufacturing is the initiative Made in China 2025, a country-wide goal for manufacturers to take any and all “Made in China” products to a higher level. This higher level consists of improving product efficiency, maximizing machine utilization rates, and upgrading automation levels.

One way Chinese manufacturers have begun working to accomplish this goal is by increasing their automation practices within the food industry. Since the food industry traditionally has higher standards for hygiene, adding elements of automation will not only increase production, but also help to avoid pollution and achieve food-grade hygiene requirements.

How Shini Has Contributed to Plastics Automation in China

A plastics products manufacturer in Changzhou, Jaingsu province, has taken many measures to reach the increasingly high standards for both automation and hygiene in their bottles of drinking water. This company that produces the body, cap, and handles for plastic water bottles across the country has done so with the help of Shini.

This Chinese manufacturing company has purchased 10 Shini traverse robots to take out plastic cups and holders from injection molding machines. Additionally, Shini has provided this company with 2-station plastic handle collection fixtures. These fixtures allow manufacturers to stack the handles and enable easy packing after they’ve been removed from these machines.

By adopting Shini’s automation solutions, the company was able to successfully mechanize its most time-consuming and labor-intensive work, minimizing any previously required manpower.

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Integrating automated solutions into the manufacturing flow is important not only for companies working to achieve the Made in China 2025 goal, but is something of increased focus and importance around the world.

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