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1. Plastic Oceans

This organization has inspired many to take action in helping prevent plastic getting into ocean waters. Here are some facts about plastic they present on their site:

  • We have produced more plastic over the last ten years than during the whole of the last century
  • 14% of all litter comes from beverage containers, and when you add in caps and labels the number increases
  • Packaging is the largest “end use market” segment, accounting for about 40% of total plastic usage

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2. Surfers Against Sewage

Their name says it all – this group is created and supported by surfers who are against sewage in the ocean. As stated on their website, they are a resistance against the use of single use plastics and they incorporate the hashtag #PlasticFreeCoastlines in many of their social media posts. They also include some statistics on their website for viewers. Here are a few of them:

  • Even though a straw is used for just 20 minutes, it can last in the environment for hundreds of years
  • It takes up to 300 years for plastic bags to fragment, depending on thickness and size
  • Single use plastic utensils are often not recycled due to their use with food and cost of recycling per unit

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3. Greenpeace

Greenpeace focuses on a variety of areas including climate change, forest conservation, ocean pollution, and more. They run campaigns on these specific areas of need with an end goal to change our world for the better.

This foundation has a timeline of victories to which they present all of their successes, which date back to 1972. Some of these victories have included helping to phase out drift netting, banning harmful and toxic PVC in toys, and much more.

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4. By the Ocean We Unite

This fascinating organization combats plastic pollution in a unique way – through sailing. They offer educational sailing expeditions for kids, companies, or groups. Learn more about them from this excerpt from their site:

“By the Ocean we Unite is a Dutch foundation with charitable status (ANBI) that contributes to preventing more plastics from ending up in our oceans. Through the organization of a variety of activities – sailing expeditions, lectures, documentaries and more…  we conduct research, create awareness, educate and activate people, organizations and governments to make much needed changes.”

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5. One More Generation

This is a great organization that is dedicated to preserving our endangered species and helping conserve our planet. It was founded by two young siblings in 2009 who wanted to make sure that the coming generations have the ability to see and know about the animals and environments in our world that are currently in danger.

They offer a variety of programs and ways to get involved in OMG. Go to their social media channels to learn more about them and their efforts toward a great cause!

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6. Plastic Pollution Coalition

Did you know that without recycling, by 2050 our oceans could contain more plastic than fish by weight? A rather scary fact, but one that can be addressed. This movement strives to save our earth by helping others understand what can happen when we don’t take action toward efficient recycling. Check out their social media below.

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7. One Green Planet

With over one million likes on Facebook, it is safe to say that this company is rather popular! One Green Planet is known as a platform for the growing of an “eco-conscious generation.” Their ultimate goal is to redefine “green” through influential media. Not to mention, they have a very cool Chief Happiness Officer.

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8. Surf Rider Foundation

This group’s mission is to inspire environmentalists to create solutions to protect Earth’s coasts.  They have a variety of chapters, initiatives, and campaigns that all drive toward a single purpose to improve our planet in one way or another!

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9. Earth Guardians

Earth Guardians is a youthful and fun group which strives to make a difference. They describe themselves as a “tribe of young activists, artists, and musicians from across the globe stepping up as leaders to co-create the future we know is possible.”

They work a lot with kids to help spread awareness and let them get involved in the action. Be sure to check out their social media channels below to learn more about them.

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