To better assist our customers, we like to highlight the variety of applications and benefits of utilizing Shini systems, as shown in several posts featured on our news page.

Let’s take a moment to examine another Shini application in this case study focused on a company which specializes in manufacturing automobile light parts.

Case Study Overview

The auto parts company featured in this study was formed in 2010 in Haining, Zhejiang and has a focus on crafting interior and exterior car lamps, including taillights, daytime running lights, rear fog lights, reflector lamps, high mount brake lights, cornering lamps, side turning lamps, car door lights, control lamps, and more.

The company utilizes 30 injection molding machines in the horizontal-type design, each providing a capacity of 300 tons. This auto parts producer focuses on accuracy, so, Shini sent numerous skilled engineers and installation experts for a site visit, followed by the meticulous planning for a material conveying system.

A number of unique benefits are offered by the system chosen, including:

  • All equipment that has contact with any raw materials is composed of stainless steel
  • There are four one-to-three dehumidifying dryers equipped with honeycomb rotors to facilitate a more stable drying air output with a low dew point
  • At the bottom of the dryer is a shut-off suction box, helping to protect materials from damp conditions
  • A robot is utilized for taking products out, with the products then sent along the conveyor belt for vacuum packaging

As you can see, there are a variety of advantages to choosing the systems from Shini. From zero contamination to accurate drying to convenient part movement, every aspect involved is meticulously designed to provide optimal customer satisfaction.

The conveying system employed by this company consists of:

  • 12 material storage tanks (raw material feeding position)
  • 4 one-to-three dehumidifying dryers
  • 4 central filters
  • A material distribution station engineered for facilitating 24 sets of 2-heads branch pipes

The structural design of the system is small and intricate, which helps to provide customers with a space-saving machine that can properly change the necessary raw materials. The material room itself is split into two separate floors which simplifies the layout. The upper floor is dedicated to the drying of materials and the lower floor is dedicated to the conveying and distribution of materials.

The company’s material room is located adjacent to their workshop, with the dried materials being sent through stainless steel feeding pipes. These eight pipes feature supports which are welded to the wall for stability. To help prevent against pipe cracking caused by the impact of materials, stiffened pipes are utilized.

Shini’s engineering team additionally arranged the pipe configuration route in different layers, installing receivers. The entire conveying system is monitored through a central control station by way of an operation panel, and in addition the system utilizes a large LCD.

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