Plastic resin art

Based in Munich, Germany, Stephanie Walberer is an artist whose work is becoming recognized more regularly by people around the globe. Walberer often goes by the name “Mrs. Colorberry,” a unique moniker which helps to set her apart in the art world.

Walberer’s work is inspired by geodes, after she first fell in love with their beauty at a mineral exhibition. Oftentimes at these exhibitions geologists will crack the geode rocks open to show the public that there is more within than meets the eye, something that appealed to Walberer.

In an effort to recreate the beauty of geodes in an artistic way, Walberer decided to accomplish this in the most sustainable way she could think of. By using eco-friendly, bio-based resin and other materials like paint and glitter, Walberer crafts her unique creations.

Her artistic process can be broken down into five simple steps:

  • First, Walberer sketches the shape of the geode on a board and preps the surface with primer
  • Then, she mixes a variety of colors with resin and glitter
  • After this, she pours the paint mixture by hand on the board
  • Often, she will next utilize a heat gun to help remove any bubbles, and the heat gun also helps create realistic details
  • Lastly, she adds crystals and draws the fine details

This intricate process can take Walberer up to a month depending on the varying designs. Walberer says, “There is the one moment you start pouring your resin over your canvas surface or your wooden board, and this moment I enjoy so much because there is only the colours mixed with resin, the painting, and me. It feels like meditation.”

Walberer is able to take these geode-inspired creations and turn them into a variety of furniture pieces and home decor options. She is able to create wall decorations, beautiful side tables, and custom cheese boards.

Since the trend in nature-inspired furniture is becoming more and more relevant, Walberer has found a large audience with a unique interest in her work. Aside from that, she is able to create the most beautiful pieces with sustainability in mind.

To browse her collections of original artwork, geode tables, and resin colors, visit her website, Color Berry.

And if you want to see more of Stephanie Walberer’s work you can follow her social media account @Mrs.Colorberry on Instagram.