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Every year, the plastics industry hosts a wide variety of events all over the world to let those in the field learn about the latest developments, innovations, issues facing the industry, and more.

To help our customers in the industry who are looking for new opportunities, we decided to compile a lengthy list of these events. Give them a look to find some trade shows and other events to attend or present at!

Plastic Events Around the World

  • The Global Plastics Industry Seminar – Organized by AMI, this May event has been educating those in the plastics industry for over ten years. And its one-day structure means you won’t need to totally rearrange your schedule to attend.
  • Plastteknik Nordic – This May tradeshow is the premier event in the Nordics for polymers, with focuses on design, processing, and production. Attendees will enjoy seminars, networking, start-up showcases, advisory board expert panels, and more.
  • Plastic Closure Innovations – This AMI event is held in June and focuses on innovation within the plastic closures industry. An extensive exhibition area offers plenty of networking opportunities and speaking slots are available for those interested.
  • PLAST-EX – This June event is held in Toronto and features insights on automation, materials and handling, packaging, robotics, energy efficiency and sustainability, mold and thermoforming, and more.
  • Oil & Gas Polymer Engineering – For more than five years AMI has hosted this event in June, bringing together oil and gas operators, contractors, researchers, suppliers, manufacturers and more to discuss polymer issues going on in the oil and gas field.
  • InterMold Thailand – Attendees to this June event will appreciate everything ASEAN presents to make the expo one of the leading machinery and technology events in Asia.
  • SCAPET – This event, which is put on by South/Central America & Caribbean PET Markets, Applications & Recycling, is held in June in South and Central American countries each year. Regular focuses include recycling and sustainability, packaging trends, market outlooks, and more.
  • PLASTEC East – This June event, touted as the leading annual tradeshow for plastics innovations, offers insights on 3D printing, blow molding, automation, mold and dies, adhesives, injection molding, CAD/CAM software, medical plastics, and more.
  • Complast Myanmar – With over 3,000 visitors and over 200 exhibitors seen at this June event, it’s one of the premier tradeshows in Southeast Asia for plastics processing information.
  • Polymers in Photovoltaics – For this June conference, attendees can expect to learn information on infrastructure, storage, durability, innovations, and more. Additionally, plenty of exhibits and networking opportunities will be available.
  • Multilayer Flexible Packaging – For over ten years, this June conference has brought together industry experts to discuss technological advances in films, raw materials, production techniques, and more for packaging.
  • Polymers in Cables – This North American event held in June examines essential developments within the polymers field, and features insights from suppliers, machinery manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and more.
  • Plastics Recycling Technology – This June tradeshow focuses on the latest technologies for plastics recycling, and highlights improvements that can be made in the quality of reclaimed materials. Other issues explored include additives, material appearance, processability, and more.
  • World Congress on Biopolymers and Polymer Chemistry – Interested parties can attend this July conference that focuses on natural resources and ways to advance their use and exploitation for the betterment of the future. Topics of focus at the event include biomaterials, bioplastics, green chemicals, micro and nano blends, industrial biotechnology, and more.
  • Complast Kenya – Kenya is often seen as the preferred distributor of goods to other East African countries, such as Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, and more, so it makes sense the international Complete Plastics Exhibition has chosen to call it home. Held over three days in July.
  • The Global Plastics Summit – This July summit gives attendees access to experts from major chemical companies who will speak on issues concerning plastic waste and future sustainability.
  • Vinyl Compounders Conference – For over thirty years this July event has been dedicated to the flexible vinyl market, offering educational and advocacy opportunities for attendees. Topics include regulatory updates, sustainability news, market reports, and more.
  • World Congress on Biopolymers & Bioplastics – By attending this August event, you’ll be able to network and learn from those in bio materials, polymer science, tissue engineering, and bioplastic and materials science.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of excellent tradeshows, expos, events and more for plastics industry reps to attend during the summer. We hope you find some great opportunities for the coming months!

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