What Is Dew Point and What Is Its Importance in Plastic Processing?


At Shini USA, we understand plastics processing is a delicate process. There are many factors that play a role in successful plastics processing and when utilizing plastics processing equipment. A major factor, for instance, is dew point.

What Is Dew Point?

Dew point is most often used by meteorologists to describe the amount of moisture present in the air. A more precise definition states that dew point is the temperature at which air needs to be cooled at a constant pressure to become saturated, and in turn form dew. The higher the dew point, the more moisture there is in the air.

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Everything You Need to Know About Industrial Blenders

At Shini USA, we know how important equipment is for the success of your business. Without high-quality and durable processing equipment, production can be more difficult and costly. When it comes to our industrial blenders, we are dedicated to supplying the very best for our customers to ensure your operations run at peak performance.

Learn more about our industrial blender machines!

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Visit Shini USA at Plastics Extrusion World Expo

The Plastics Extrusion World Expo co-located with Compounding World, Plastics Recycling world and Polymer Testing World is back in Cleveland, OH at the Huntington Convention Center in downtown Cleveland.

Numerous professionals from the plastics extrusion industry will be in Cleveland, OH November 3 & 4, 2021 networking and sharing their knowledge.  interested in attending, registration is free.

Shini USA will be exhibiting our top-of-the-line products featuring durable materials and innovative designs throughout the 2020 conference. When it comes to plastics automation, Shini USA offers a variety of products to help you during every step of the process. Come visit us in booth #C102 to see for yourself!