Visit Shini USA at PLASTEC West 2020 Conference

Are you interested in being updated on the plastics industry, or curious about what’s new in injection molding, 3D printing, plastic extrusion, automation, and polymers? Come explore the PLASTEC West Conference this February and stop by our Shini USA booth at the ATX tradeshow to see first-hand how our reliable plastic processing equipment operates!

Shini USA will be exhibiting our top-of-the-line products featuring durable materials and innovative designs throughout the 2020 conference. When it comes to plastics automation, Shini USA offers a variety of products to help you during every step of the process. Come visit us in booth #4292 to see for yourself!

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NPE2018 Recap: What We Saw and Learned

Shini USA at NPE 2018

NPE2018 consisted of five days full of insights, innovations and predictions for what lays in store for the industry.

From attending educational conferences with industry experts to discovering leading machinery from exhibitors like Shini USA, there was so much to do at the show that it was almost impossible to do it all. Here’s what you may have missed.
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Car Light Product Automation Equipment: A Shini Case Study

To better assist our customers, we like to highlight the variety of applications and benefits of utilizing Shini systems, as shown in several posts featured on our news page.

Let’s take a moment to examine another Shini application in this case study focused on a company which specializes in manufacturing automobile light parts.
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Return of the Shini Chillers

Shini USA is back at it. We are excited to announce the reintroduction of our trusted Shini chillers at the request of our loyal customers.

Now that Shini USA chillers are back on the market, you no longer have to compromise between price and quality.
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