14 Reasons to Buy Your Plastic Granulator Machines From Shini USA

In the plastic processing industry, you need equipment that has easy functionality and will handle materials with exact efficiency.

Enter Shini USA.

We have a wide variety of reliable granulators for sale, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are 14 reasons why you should choose our equipment for your facility:
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The Perfect Press Granulator Equipment for Your Company

Whether you call them granulators, grinders or something else, it all means one thing to us: high-quality plastic recycling equipment designed to make your business run more efficiently.

With industry-leading reliability and versatility, a press granulator from Shini USA (a division of Budzar Industries) ensures optimal performance for all types of plastic processing companies.
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PVC Granulators That Fit Your Needs

Granulators from Shini USAAt Shini USA, our commitment to providing excellent customer service means that we strive to produce a range of products to fit everyone’s needs.

So in addition to our dryers, dehumidifiers, hot oil systems and shredders, we also offer a variety of PVC grinders.

These PVC granulators are perfect for the housing and construction industries, allowing operators to easily recycle things such as PVC pipes and house siding. And if you are looking to sell your PVC material, each of our machines meets reprocessing requirements, allowing your company to sell the PVC to be reused to make other products.
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