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Flat belt conveyor

At Shini USA, we are a premier, industry-leading plastic processing equipment company. All of our products are designed to provide the very best for our customers, and that includes our flat belt conveyors. The Shini USA flat belt conveyors are crafted to convey sprues or finished products horizontally or to different levels. Using heavy-duty flat belt conveyors, businesses are able to easily construct a cost-effective automation system.

With swivel casters, an adjustable floor stand, and a maximum loading capacity of 330 pounds, the reliable flat belt conveyors from Shini USA are able to handle the harshest operating conditions.

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Pricing and Specifications for Our Flat Belt Conveyors

At Shini USA, our flat belt conveyors have a variety of specifications available to ensure you find the best solution that you are looking for. Read on to find out more information about our portable conveyor belt models.

PNL-2x 2000
PNL-3x 1000
PNL-3x 2000
PNL-3x 3000
W inches 20.5 23.2 23.2 23.2
W1 inches 20.9 20.9 20.9 20.9
W2 inches 11.8 11.8 11.8 11.8
D inches 19.7 19.7 19.7 19.7
D1 inches 25.6 25.6 25.6 25.6
Length mm 2000 1000 2000 2000
Price $2,815 $2,695 $2,865 $3,335
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PNL-4x 2000
PNL-4x 3000
PNL-4x 4000
PNL-5x 4000
W inches 28.3 28.3 28.3 32.3
W1 inches 28.3 28.3 28.3 32.7
W2 inches 28.3 28.3 28.3 23.6
D inches 28.3 19.7 19.7 19.7
D1 inches 25.6 25.6 25.6 25.6
Length mm 2000 3000 4000 4000
Price $2,950 $3,360 $3,725 $3,815
PNL-5x 5000
PNL-6x 3000
PNL-8x 2000
W inches 32.3 40.2 55.9
W1 inches 32.7 40.6 56.3
W2 inches 23.6 31.5 47.2
D inches 19.7 19.7 19.7
D1 inches 25.6 25.6 25.6
Length mm 5000 3000 2000
Price $4,075 $3,725 $3,625

Features of Our Flat Belt Conveyors

Having top-of-the-line equipment is crucial to remaining a competitive business. Our portable conveyor belts are high-quality pieces of equipment made with durable materials and an innovative design.

Some of the key aspects of our flat belt conveyors include:

  • Steel frame for maximum heavy-duty industrial wear
  • TEFC variable speed motor
  • Available in 110 or 230 volts
  • PVC belt allows for smooth and efficient conveying
  • Sidewalls measure 4"

The support team at Shini USA will ensure our systems meet your highest expectations, and if additional assistance is needed we can service your unit. We have a large inventory of replacement parts which will ship the day you order. Feel free to reach out to learn more information about our flat belt conveyors.

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flat belt conveyors

flat belt conveyors

flat belt conveyors

flat belt conveyors

The Shini USA Difference

Our goal at Shini USA is to combine the best engineering, design, and support to ensure your flat belt conveyors achieve the highest quality and maximum value. We understand how important equipment is to the success of your business. This is why we strive to provide outstanding quality and support for every product you purchase.

We offer material testing, quality control checks and an excellent support team to answer any of your questions. At Shini USA, our goal is to give you the best price to fit your budget and ensure you have the portable conveyor belts that get the job done every time.

Choose Shini USA for Portable Conveyor Belts!

At Shini USA, our goal is to provide our customers the highest-quality products and customer services. When you work with us, you not only receive the best flat belt conveyors, but also experienced representatives and skilled technicians to assist you. Plus, we strive to ensure that your plastic machinery is correct by offering material testing and quality control checks.

For more information about our portable conveyor belts and other equipment, reach out to us today. We will answer any questions you may have. If you’re interested in placing an order, fill out our online form. We look forward to working with you!