Horizontal Infeed Nose-Over Conveyors

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horizontal infeed nose-over conveyors

The Shini USA horizontal infeed with nose-over discharge conveyors are designed to convey finished products to the separator to separate the product from the connecting sprues. With a high-quality PVC belt, the horizontal infeed nose-over conveyors from Shini USA provide a maximum loading capacity of 330 pounds and deliver a smooth, jam-free transportation. Each nose-over discharge conveyor is factory tested prior to shipping and is a cost-effective and highly efficient automation system.

At Shini USA, we understand the importance of how high-quality equipment can play a role in the success of your business. This is why we aim to provide you with unparalleled quality and support with all of our products, including our horizontal infeed nose-over conveyors. As a leading plastic recycling and plastic processing machine supplier, we strive to ensure you get the most out of your machinery.

Pricing and Specifications for Our Horizontal Infeed Nose-Over Conveyors

H inches 34.92 34.92 34.92 50.41 50.41 50.41
H1 inches 34.16 34.16 34.16 48.11 48.11 48.11
W inches 25.60 28.70 34.60 25.60 28.70 34.60
W1 inches 19.90 22.80 27.80 19.90 22.80 27.80
W2 inches 9.80 12.60 17.70 9.80 12.60 17.70
W3 inches 14.10 16.90 22.00 14.10 16.90 22.00
D inches 96.70 96.70 96.70 112.80 112.80 112.80
D1 inches 51.20 51.20 51.20 70.90 70.90 70.90
D2 inches 29.40 29.40 29.40 34.30 34.30 34.30
Weight lbs 287 309 342 298 331 373
Price $3,925 $3,975 $4,125 $4,195 $4,250 $4,375
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Features of Our Horizontal Infeed Nose-Over Belt Conveyors

At Shini USA, our horizontal infeed nose-over conveyors, along with our expansive line of products, are sure to deliver exceptional results for your industrial needs. Our horizontal infeed nose-over conveyors offer a variety of features, including:

  • TEFC variable speed motor
  • Channel metal detector
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • 4″ sidewalls
  • Available in 230 volt
  • PVC belt allows for smooth and efficient conveying
  • Speed control knob

If you have any questions about the features of our horizontal infeed nose-over conveyors, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Choose Shini USA for Your Horizontal Infeed Nose-Over Conveyor

When you partner Shini USA as your supplier for horizontal infeed nose-over conveyors, you’ll not only receive a high-quality product, but you will experience exceptional customer service as well. We prioritize the needs and wants of our customers and our experienced team is committed to providing you with unwavering service.

We continue to set ourselves apart from the competition by using premium-quality materials to ensure your machine is operating at maximum performance. While other companies may thin out components to save money on operating costs, we go the extra mile to make sure your machine lasts as long as possible.

Here are some other key advantages of choosing Shini USA to supply your horizontal infeed nose-over conveyor:

  • Thorough examination to ensure your unit performs and operates efficiently and effectively without difficulties
  • Quality control check including unpackaging, cleaning and testing your unit prior to shipping
  • Performing routine quality assurance checks on each horizontal infeed nose-over conveyor
  • Only shipping brand-new machines and systems to our customers
  • Resolving and troubleshooting problems as quickly as possible

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We want you to be confident in your choice to purchase your horizontal infeed nose-over conveyor from Shini USA. If you have any questions for our team, be sure to reach out to us and we’ll help you however we can.

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