15 U.S. Companies Crafting Their Products from Recycled Plastics

The plastic recycling process has become part of the standard operations of a variety of industries and companies, since not only is it positive for the environment, but it also makes good business sense from a financial standpoint. In fact, many companies are incorporating plastic granulators into their operations to fully take advantage of this.

Because of plastic recycling’s widespread status, we decided to write a post around companies we’ve come across who are doing amazing things in crafting recycled plastic products into new materials.
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How Conveying Systems Have Continued to Benefit the Plastics Market

Conveying systems, and particularly pneumatic conveying systems, have proven themselves to be effective and indispensable for the operations of many manufacturing companies, particularly those in plastics processing.

To help manufacturers see the full range of advantages conveying systems can provide, we decided to craft this helpful post. Read on to discover what an efficient conveyor system can do for your business.

Simple Routing

One way in which pneumatic conveying systems outperform mechanical conveyors is in their routing capabilities. Since mechanical conveying necessitates straight lines and restrictions on the levels of incline utilized, these systems face significant limitations.

Pneumatic conveying systems, on the other hand, can be routed with much more flexibility, since a system of variable pipes is the basis of their operations. This flexibility helps you to transfer powders, granules, and other dry bulk materials through a pipeline with ease in comparison to alternative methods such as the belts and vibrating trays of mechanical conveyors.

Also, pneumatic systems are ideal for conveying over longer distances. Long distances with multiple changes of direction and elevation are easily accomplished with a pneumatic system.


Pneumatic conveyor systems also help to maintain a higher level of cleanliness for your operations, since the systems eliminate the spillage that can happen with mechanical systems. This spillage often occurs when:

  • The direction of bulk materials is altered during the conveying process
  • Bulk materials are transferred from one conveyor to the other
  • The materials are stopped at any point in the process

Since pneumatic conveying systems are enclosed, this spillage is virtually eliminated, helping those in the plastics industry to maintain a safer facility, as well as one which is cost-effective.

Less Maintenance

Another benefit of utilizing pneumatic conveying systems is that these systems only incorporate a handful of working parts, namely:

  • An air compressor/vacuum pump
  • An in-feed device
  • Piping or tubing
  • A separating device

Should any particular component prove to be defective it can be easily replaced. And since pneumatic systems work on the property of airflow originating from a blower, instead of relying on the myriad moving parts of a mechanical system, there are significantly fewer parts which can become worn or damaged.

Reduced Labor Expense

Another key benefit of conveyor systems for plastics processing is that they can lessen the total labor costs your company will require due to advancements in conveying technology.

Some ways these systems can reduce costs include:

  • Eliminating change-over tasks which in turn can decrease the total number of production hours needed for a set task
  • Increasing product handling speeds helping your business to provide faster production turnaround, leading to not only lower costs but also higher yields
  • Increasing safety due to pneumatic conveying systems’ enclosed operations, which can help prevent costly problems and accidents

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Q&A with Prashant Lingam, Owner of Bamboo House India

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The Future of Industrial Plastic Recycling

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Do You Need a Shredder, Grinder or Granulator?

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