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High-Quality Plastic Process Equipment from Shini USA

Having first-rate, top-of-the-line equipment is essential to remaining a competitive business, since anything less can reduce productivity and drastically affect your bottom line. That’s why Shini USA is proud to offer its customers quality equipment created with durable materials that utilize innovative designs.

So when you’re searching for new products to help you meet your plastics processing needs, you won’t find a better supplier than Shini USA.


About Our Products
Drying & Dehumidifying

desiccant dryers
Desiccant dryers are ideal for dehumidifying and regenerating & cooling cycles, and they have the ability to complete these processes simultaneously.

Whether you are searching for a product to help you with material needs, or are looking to reduce energy consumption or space on the factory floor, Shini USA’s desiccant dryers are the ideal choice for your business.

Our available line of drying and dehumidifying products includes:

These drying systems are able to reach a high temperature exceeding 350° F, come with an unlimited service life, and are fully customizable, with optional parts ranging from touchscreen controllers to dew point monitors.

Visit our desiccant dryers page to learn more and receive full product breakdowns

Feeding & Conveying

feeding and conveyingTransporting bulk materials from one area of a factory to another can be difficult and time-consuming, which is why utilizing feeding and conveying equipment for your company is such an important decision.

Our feeding and conveying systems are incredibly versatile, being useful for a number of industries, including the plastics and injection & blow molding sectors.

Our available line of feeding and conveying equipment includes:

With dust minimization and the reduction of air contamination just a couple of the benefits of these systems, along with allowing for a more energy-efficient production, it’s clear that feeding and conveying systems are an excellent choice for your business’ future.

Visit our feeding and conveying page for further insights and product specifications

Heating & Cooling

heating and coolingHaving proper heating and cooling equipment is an essential aspect for those within the plastics processing industry.

Making sure that your materials are at an optimal temperature for your selected processes can be the difference between creating worthwhile products and ultimately producing inferior merchandise.

Our available line of heating and cooling products includes:

The heating and cooling systems Shini USA provides will keep your operations running smoothly and ensure that your company produces only the finest quality products.

Visit our heating and cooling page for detailed information about model types

Granulating & Recycling

Granulating and recyclingAll of our granulating machines offer top-of-the-line performance with the capability to recycle hundreds to thousands of pounds of material per hour. Additionally, our machines provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance, without the need for any tools.

Our available line of granulating and recycling products includes:

Visit our granulating and recycling page for a full breakdown of products with technical specifications.

Plastics  Material Handling

Shini USA Sprue PickerTo effectively and efficiently remove sprues and other parts from injection molding machines, select one of Shini USA’s premier automation systems.

Our available line of plastics material handling products includes:

For a comprehensive look at these systems and their product specifications, visit our plastics auxiliary material handling equipment page.