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Plastics Auxiliary Automation Equipment

When it comes to plastics automation, Shini USA offers numerous products to assist in every step of the process. From heating and cooling to granulating and recycling, our products have many applications within the plastics industry.

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Our Robotic Equipment

Our assistance would not be complete if we did not sell our line robotic automation equipment as part of our offerings of top-tier plastics auxiliary machines. This form of plastic automation equipment is used to remove sprues and other parts from many different types of injection molding machines in a convenient manner.

Read below to learn more information (key features, specs, and more) about the specific plastic injection molding machines we offer:

Sprue Pickers

Our sprue pickers are designed to provide easy removal of sprues from your injection molding equipment. Key features include:

  • A 90-degree rotatable base
  • Hand-held controller
  • Fully adjustable swing directions
  • Eight standard plastics automation program sequences

Single Axis Servo Robot

To remove various parts from your plastic injection molding machine, the single axis robot we sell is highly effective. Key features include:

  • Rack and pinion driver
  • Hand-held controller with graphical interface
  • Position limit sensors for plastic automation equipment

3 Axis Servo Robot

Designed for two-plate molds or hot runner systems, our 3 axis robot is a valuable tool to remove sprues during your injection molding automation. Key features of this line of plastics automation include the following:

  • Plastic injection molding for up to 300 tons
  • Wrist mechanism with a pneumatic driven rack and pinion system
  • A standard and telescopic arm

5 Axis Servo Robot

With both standard and dual telescopic arms, the 5 axis servo robot is recommended for removing parts from plastic automation equipment. Key features include:

  • For injection molding machines up to 450 tons
  • Designed for two- or three-plate molds and hot runner systems

Sprue Pickers for Vertical Injection Machines

This sprue remover is a product for plastics automation that is a cost-efficient solution recommended for those working with plastic injection molding. Key features include:

  • Plastic injection molding for up to 150 tons
  • A vertical hydraulic clamping unit

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Of course, the features listed for this automation equipment are just some of the highlights that customers can expect from each of these robots and sprue pickers. Our injection molding equipment is intended to be a reliable and economical solution for your company, and free quotes are available for each product.

For more information or if you’d like to speak with one of our representatives, don’t hesitate to contact us today because we would love to help your business.