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Sprue PickersSprue pickers have quickly become vital pieces of equipment in the plastic processing industry. At Shini USA, we are proud to offer a highly efficient sprue picker designed for the hassle-free removal of sprues and parts from your injection molding machine.

High-Quality Sprue Picker Robots

Our sprue picker robot allows your injection molding machine to remain fully autonomous. By picking the sprue out of an injection mold and discarding it, the injection molding machine is then able to begin its next cycle without any human intervention.

The Shini USA sprue picker robot is easily and quickly installed, allowing for the fast transfer to different molds with minimal downtime. Shini USA’s precise, solid construction of our injection molding sprue picker allows for agile and precise movements with minimal vibration. The base of our sprue picker is capable of rotating 90° with a simple release of the handle for smooth disposal of the sprues.

Shini USA is proud to offer two models of our sprue picker robot: the SS-650-T-S1 and the SS-750-T-S1. These models differ in terms of crosswise and vertical stroke, minimum pick-out and cycle time, and weight.

Sprue Picker Specifications

IMM (ton)
50 ~ 150
100~ 250
Crosswise Stroke
mm 120
in 4.7 7.8
Vertical Stroke
Swing Angle (deg)
50 ~ 90°
50 ~ 90°
Wrist Angle (deg)
Max Load (with tool)
lbs 1.1 1.1
Power Rating (W) 30 30
Rated Current (A)
Min. Pick-Out Time (sec)
Min. Cycle Time (sec)
Air Pressure
4 ~ 6
4 ~ 6
58 ~ 87
58 ~ 87
lbs 137 141
Your Price
* – Max air consumption for vacuum device 30 Nl/min

Features of the Shini USA Sprue Picker 

Both models of the Shini USA sprue picker are equipped with the following features that allow for efficient picking of sprues and ease of use:

    • 90° rotatable base
    • Handheld controller
    • Fully adjustable swing directions
    • Position limit sensors
    • Eight standard program sequences
    • Memory for up to 80 customized program sequences
    • 4 additional sets of input/output pins
    • Compact design
    • The Shini USA Incline Automation Conveyors interface with the Shini USA Sprue Pickers.
    • The Shini USA Decline Automation Conveyors interface with the Shini USA Sprue Pickers.

Sprue Pickers and More for Material Handling

In addition to our injection molding sprue picker, Shini USA proudly offers numerous material handling solutions for every step of the plastics process. Our line of material handling equipment also includes:

Other Plastic Process Equipment from Shini USA 

Shini USA is dedicated to offering the top-of-the-line plastic process equipment to help you increase productivity and decrease costs. We are proud to offer all the equipment you’ll need to perform your day-to-day plastic processing as efficiently and successfully as possible. Along with our sprue picker robot, we offer the following equipment:

Plastics Processing Across Many Industries

At Shini USA, we are committed to offering a wide variety of the highest of quality, long-lasting machines. Our reliable machines, including our injection molding sprue pickers, have provided proven solutions in the following industries:

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Sprue Pickers

Sprue Pickers
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