Honeycomb Desiccant Wheel Dryer

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Fully insulated, all-in-one honeycomb dryers

Honeycomb All-in-One Dryer

Energy-Saving All-in-One Honeycomb Dryers for Plastics

The Shini USA Auxiliaries SCD honeycomb all-in-one dryer is a complete system and features a desiccant wheel dryer with a hopper, cart and built in vacuum loading. The all-in-one honeycomb dryer incorporates drying and dehumidifying along with a portable two-stage conveying package for mobile drying on demand.

Ideal for the plastics industry, these dryers have many day-to-day applications that may be a practical solution for your company’s needs. To learn more about our all-in-one honeycomb dryers and other desiccant dryers, check out the features below or reach out to our team today.


Specifications – All-in-One Honeycomb Desiccant Dryer
Model Blower Capacity (cfm) Hopper Capacity (lbs) Included Receiver
(1 ea)
Dimensions Price
SCD-40U/40H-D 20 50 SHR-3U
35 x 41 x 61 $11,870 Order Online
SCD-80U/40H-D 20 80 SHR-6U
35 x 44 x 71 $12,960 Order Online
SCD-160U/80H-D 55 200 SHR-6U
35 x 47 x 73 $14,630 Order Online
SCD-160U/120H-D 75 200 SHR-6U
35 x 47 x 73 $15,970 Order Online
SCD-230U/120H-D 75 285 SHR-12U
35 x 47 x 82 $16,395 Order Online
SCD-300U/200H-D 125 370 SHR-12U
40 x 57 x 85 $20,250 Order Online
SCD-450U/200H-D 125 550 SHR-12U
41 x 58 x 93 $20,930 Order Online
SCD-600U/400H-D 260 740 SHR-12U
49 x 69 x 94 $25,620 Order Online
SCD-750U/400H-D 260 925 SHR-12U
49 x 69 x 103 $26,930 Order Online
SCD-1200U/700H-D 450 1500 SHR-24U
54 x 84 x 121 $38,440 Order Online
Specifications – Central Hopper Receiver


Model Hopper Capacity
Loading Pipe Dia. (in) Air Suction Pipe Dia. (in) Material Level Control Dimesnions
(H x W x D)
SHR-3U 6 1.5 1.5 Magentic Reed Switch 23 x 10 x 15 10 Included
SHR-6U 13 1.5 1.5 Magentic Reed Switch 22 x 12 x 17 18 Included
SHR-12U 26 1.5 1.5 Magentic Reed Switch 19 x 13 x 24 20 Included
SHR-24U 53 2 2 Magentic Reed Switch 32 x 13 x 19 31 Included
SHR-36U 79 2 2.5 Magentic Reed Switch 41 x 16 x 21 33 Included
SHR-48U 106 2.5 3 Magentic Reed Switch 45 x 16 x 21 44 Included
SHR-96U 212 2.5 3 Magentic Reed Switch 55 x 19 x 25 53 Included
(minimal residence)
6 1.5 1.5 Sight-Glass Photo Sensor Switch 29 x 10 x 15 15 Included
(minimal residence)
13 1.5 1.5 Sight-Glass Photo Sensor Switch 29 x 12 x 17 22 Included
(minimal residence)
26 1.5 1.5 Sight-Glass Photo Sensor Switch 33 x 13 x 19 31 Included
(minimal residence)
53 2 2 Sight-Glass Photo Sensor Switch 50 x 15 x 19 35 Included
Throughputs based on Polycarbonate Material
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Features for Our Honeycomb All-in-One Compact Dryer

The all-in-one compact dryer, constructed with stainless steel for all material contact parts, in insulated and has an aluminum outer layer. The all-in-one compact dryer features the latest in rotary wheel drying technology which allows dehumidifying, regenerating and cooling cycles to occur at the same time while delivering a dew point of -40 °F or an optional -50 °F if required.

The honeycomb desiccant dryer can attain a temperature of 356 °F and has an unlimited service life. The compact design offers an energy savings up to 35%, all in a reduced footprint. Utilization of a timing belt drive eliminates the slippage problems of traditional belts and broken drive teeth often found with chain drive designs.

Features of these honeycomb desiccant dryers include:

  • Dew point monitor
  • A two-stage conveying package, optional three-stage
  • Twin condensers and a mounted return air filter which quickly and accurately cools down regenerative air
  • A molecular sieve/gel sintered honeycomb rotor
  • A return air filter which is mounted on the inside to ensure a contamination-free honeycomb wheel
  • Stainless steel receivers controlled from the dryer panel
  • A non-proprietary PID microprocessor temperature control system with regenerative temperature settings, real-time displays and 7-day timer
  • Drying temperatures up to 320 °F
  • Up to 35% operating savings
  • The benefits of a closed-loop conveying system
  • An insulated, stainless-steel drying hopper
  • Separate process and regeneration blowers
  • Easy access to the dry/convey filter
  • A vacuum purge valve with slide gate
  • A fully insulated hopper with full-length site glass

Why Shini USA Is Your Choice for a Honeycomb All-in-One Dryer

Each product we supply at Shini USA is crafted with the highest quality materials to provide you a long-lasting honeycomb all-in-one dryer. We place importance on providing customers with the best customer service and ensure that our customers know they are our number one priority.

Some benefits we provide our customers with for our honeycomb desiccant dryers include:

  • We place our machines through a series of quality control checks before being shipped. This helps ensure that you receive a unit that performs as promised and without any difficulties.
  • We only ship brand-new machines to our customers so that they can trust the equipment they receive from us.
  • To make sure our machines run smoothly, we first unpackage, clean and test each unit before they are shipped.

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