Honeycomb Desiccant Wheel Dryer

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desiccant wheel dryer

Multi-Functional Honeycomb Dryer for Plastics

The Shini USA silica gel honeycomb desiccant wheel dryers feature the latest in rotary wheel drying technology which allows dehumidifying, regenerating and cooling cycles to occur at the same time while delivering a dew point of -40°F.

Pricing and Specifications for Our Honeycomb Desiccant Wheel Cabinet Dryer

Model SD-40H-PHC-D SD-80H-PHC-D SD-120H-PHC-D
Blower  (cfm) 20 55 75
Pipe Diameter (in) 2 2 2
Length x Width x Height (in.) 30 x 19 x 50 32 x 21 x 54 33 x 21 x 54
Weight (lbs.) 320 374 374
Price $7,170 $8,195 $9,450
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Model SD-200H-PHC-D SD-400H-PHC-D SD-700H-PHC-D
Blower  (cfm) 125 260 450
Pipe Diameter (in) 2.5 3 5
Length x Width x Height (in.) 41 x 26 x 61 49 x 28 x 69 54 x 35 x 76
Weight (lbs.) 583 726 1,056
Price $10,725 $15,605 $24,305
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Model SD-1000H-PHC-D SD-1500H-PHC-D SD-2000H-PHC-D
Blower  (cfm) 675 1025 1350
Pipe Diameter (in) 5 6 8
Length x Width x Height (in.) 84 x 51 x 61 84 x 51 x 75 81 x 56 x 85
Weight (lbs.) 1,540 2,222 2,860
Price $40,975 $51,225 $64,075
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Model SD-3000H-PHC-D SD-4000H-PHC-D
Blower  (cfm) 2000 2650
Pipe Diameter (in) 8 12
Length x Width x Height (in.) 81 x 63 x 85 81 x 108 x 89
Weight (lbs.) 3,520 4,840
Price $92,250 $109,070
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Honeycomb Dryer Features

The honeycomb dryer can attain a temperature of 320°F (160°C – 180°C) with an option of 356°F, and has an unlimited service life. The compact design offers energy savings up to 35%, all in a reduced footprint. Utilization of a timing belt drive eliminates the slippage problems of traditional belts and broken drive teeth often found with chain drive designs.

To learn more about our desiccant wheel cabinet dryers, refer to our features list below or reach out to our team for more product information. Each of our honeycomb dryers are available to order online.

Our honeycomb dryers come with features that include:

  • A dew-point monitor for accurate real-time measurement
  • Twin condensers and a mounted return air filter to prevent contamination to the honeycomb
  • The SD-H dryers are equipped with a molecular sieve/gel sintered honeycomb rotor, guaranteeing precise dehumidification
  • Three separate air flow loops through which the wheel continually rotates allows for optimal dehumidification, regeneration and cooling
  • Twin condensers allow for regenerative air to be quickly and accurately cooled down
  • A return air filter is mounted on the inside to ensure a contamination free honeycomb wheel
  • A non-proprietary PID microprocessor temperature control system with regenerative temperature settings, real time displays and 7-day timer
  • Drying temperatures up to 320°F (option of 356°F, 160°C – 180°C) for our desiccant wheel cabinet dryers
  • An operating savings up to 35%

Why Choose Our Desiccant Wheel Dryer

Shini USA strives to combine our reliable products with a dedication to exceed customer satisfaction. Our desiccant wheel dryers feature temperature controls, mobility, size options, and more that allow them to solve the needs of your facility.

When working with us, you are choosing to get a reliable machine for an affordable price. In addition, you’ll also receive superb customer service from a knowledgeable team.

Contact Us for More Information on Desiccant Wheel Cabinet Dryers

At Shini USA, our equipment can help your company perform more productively and efficiently. We believe in providing excellent service and products that will last for years, which is why our dryers have an unlimited service life.

Contact us and let us help you solve your drying needs.


Flow Circuit

Honeycomb Desiccant Dryer Air - Flow Circuit