Hopper Dryers

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Stainless steel drying hopper

Durable Drying Hoppers for Your Plastics Needs

In the plastics processing industry, you need a durable hopper dryer that consistently gets the job done. At Shini USA we can offer that and so much more.

The Shini USA DH-U hopper dryer is offered in sizes from 25 through 1500 pounds. The drying hopper features dual wall stainless steel insulated construction for all material contact points, is insulated, and has an aluminum outer layer.

Exceptional air flow is accomplished by the utilization of a center feed air pipe which discharges air through a dispersion cone at the bottom of the hopper. Air then flows evenly through the material and exits through a unique cyclone air discharge incorporated in the drying hopper lid.


Drying Hopper Features

Our line of hopper dryers comes with a robust set of features that focus on convenience and sustained reliability.

Within the plastics industry, our line of hopper dryers will fulfill the needs of your company while maintaining an affordable price. For more information on our dryers or assistance in ordering, feel free to contact our team today.

These features of our hopper dryers include:

  • Stainless steel material contact parts
  • Dual wall insulated construction
  • A dispersion cone which maximizes air flow throughout processed material
  • An elongated sight glass (on all models except DH-300U)
  • A large clean out door

The optional hose kit for our drying hoppers includes:

  • 2 twelve-foot-long flexible heat resistant hoses
  • 4 stainless steel hose clamps
  • 1 hose flange adaptor



Specifications – Hopper Dryer
Model Hopper Capacity (lbs) Inlet Pipe Diameter (in) Outlet Pipe Diameter (in) Price
DH-20U 25 2 1.5 $792 Order Online
DH-40U 50 2 1.5 $832 Order Online
DH-80U 80 2.5 2 $893 Order Online
DH-120U 150 2.5 2 $1,187 Order Online
DH-160U 200 3 2.5 $1,282 Order Online
DH-230U 285 3 2.5 $1,610 Order Online
DH-300U 370 3 2.5 $1,869 Order Online
DH-450U 550 3 2.5 $2,142 Order Online
DH-600U 740 4 3 $3,084 Order Online
DH-750U 925 4 3 $3,384 Order Online
DH-900U 1110 4 4 $4,312 Order Online
DH-1200U 1500 4 4 $5,062 Order Online
Note: lbs @35 lb/ft. 3
Floor Stands
Model For Which Model Price
FSU-20 DH-20U $136 Order Online
FSU-40 DH-40U $191 Order Online
FSU-80 DH-80U & DH-120U $232 Order Online
FSU-160 DH-160U & DH-230U $327 Order Online
FSU-300 DH-30U & DH-450U $477 Order Online
FSU-600 DH-600U & DH-750U $642 Order Online
Floor Stand included with DH-900H and DH-1200U
Hose Kit
Model For Which Model Price
Kit-20UV DH-20U & DH-40U $185 Order Online
Kit-80UV DH-80U & DH-120U $217 Order Online
Kit-160UV DH-120U, DH-230U, DH-300U & DH-450U $239 Order Online
Kit-600UV DH-600U, DH-750U, DH-900U $284 Order Online
Kit-120UV DH-1200U $321 Order Online
Take Off w/Pneumatic Gate
Model For Which Model Price  
SBU-20-38S DH-20 – DH-120U $104 Order Online
SBU-160-38S DH160 & Up $133 Order Online
SBU-20-50S DH-20 – DH-120U $133 Order Online
SBU-160-50S DH160 & Up $164 Order Online
SBU-20-38D DH-20 – DH-120U $178 Order Online
SBU-160-38D DH160 & Up $205 Order Online
SBU-20-50D DH-20 – DH-120U $205 Order Online
SBU-160-50D DH160 & Up $232 Order Online