Portable Desiccant Wheel Drying Cart

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Portable desiccant wheel drying carts for plastics

Portable Drying Carts for Maximum Efficiency

The Shini USA portable desiccant wheel dryer SDD series with an optional built-in dew point monitor features a silica gel honeycomb desiccant wheel dryer with a dual wall stainless steel insulated drying hoper mounted on a portable cart.

The portable desiccant wheel drying cart with the rotary wheel drying technology allows dehumidifying, regenerating and cooling cycles to occur at the same time while still delivering a dew point of -40°C.

Portable Drying Cart SDD Series Features

The honeycomb desiccant rotor dryer can attain a temperature of 320°F and has an unlimited service life. The compact design offers energy savings up to 35%, all in a reduced footprint. Utilization of a timing belt drive eliminates the slippage problems of traditional belts and broken drive teeth often found with chain drive designs.

Our SDD series desiccant wheel drying carts are ideal resources for drying and dehumidifying within the plastics industry. To learn more about these portable drying carts, refer to our features list below or reach out to our team directly. We would be happy to answer any questions you have or assist with an order!

Features for our portable desiccant wheel drying cart include:

  • An optional dew-point monitor for accurate, real-time measurement
  • Twin condensers and a mounted return air filter which prevent contamination to the honeycomb
  • Our SD-H dryers are equipped with a molecular sieve/gel sintered honeycomb rotor guaranteeing precise dehumidification
  • Dehumidification, regeneration and cooling which are constantly achieved by three separate air flow loops through which the wheel continually rotates
  • Twin condensers which quickly and accurately cool down regenerative air
  • A return air filter which is mounted on the inside to ensure a contamination-free honeycomb wheel
  • A non-proprietary PID microprocessor temperature control system with regenerative temperature settings, real-time displays and 7-day timer with the option of a Siemens Touch Screen
  • Drying temperatures up to 320°F
  • Up to 35% operating savings for all of our portable drying carts



Specifications – Portable Desiccant Wheel Drying Cart
Model Dryer Capacity Process Blower Process Heater Regeneration Blower/
(L x W X H)
Weight (lbs) Price
SDD-20U/40H 11 lbs .3 HP 3 Kw .3HP/3KW 30 x 37 x 51″ 418 $7,041 Order Online
SDD-40U/40H 22 lbs .7 HP 4 KW .3HP/3KW 30 x 41 x 56″ 462 $7,195 Order Online
SDD-80U/40H 44 lbs 1.2 HP 6 KW .3HP/3KW 32 x 48 x 69″ 561  $7,532 Order Online
SDD-230U/120H 100 lbs 1.2 HP 6 KW .3HP/3KW 32 x 48 x 79″ 649 $10,328 Order Online
SDD-300U/200H 200 lbs 2.4 HP 7.2 KW .7HP/4KW 41 x 57 x 80″ 902 $13,111 Order Online
SDD-450U/200H 300 lbs 2.4 HP 7.2 KW .7HP/4KW 41 x 57 x 94″ 1,210 $13,533 Order Online
SDD-600U/400H 450 lbs 4 HP 15 KW 1.2HP/7.2KW 49 x 69 x 96″ 1,353 $18,493 Order Online
SDD-750U/400H 550 lbs 6 HP 18 KW 1.2HP/7.2KW 49 x 69 x 103″ 1,610 $18,985 Order Online
SDD-900U/700H 700 lbs 8.4 HP 21 KW 2.4HP/10KW 54 x 84 x 104″ 1,804 $26,405 Order Online
SDD-1200/700H 900 lbs 8.4 HP 24 KW 2.4HP/10KW 54 x 84 x 121″ 1,914 $27,557 Order Online

Throughputs based on Polycarbonate Material



The internal assembly within our wheel desiccant drying carts.


The timing gear belt utilized in each of our wheel drying carts.


The cooling water connection achieved through the rotation wheel.


Our desiccant wheel drying cart’s control panel is both easy to read and operate.

Honeycomb Desiccant Dryer Air – Flow CircuitDesiccant-Dryer-diagram_379_x_287_px