Dual-Color Auger Feeder

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The Shini USA SCM series dual-color volumetric screw feeder is designed to feed color concentrates or other additive type material directly into a material stream at the feed throat of an extruder or molding machine. The dual-color screw volumetric feeder is safe and easy to operate, features a hopper magnet, and incorporates a brushless gear motor, microprocessor controls, and chrome-plated dosing screws.

Specs for Dual-Color Auger Feeders

Output Capacity (lbs/hr)
0.44 – 576.2
Motor HP
0.4 x 2
Storage bin capacity (Gal)
Screw Diameter
Height (in) 16.5
Width (in) 40.6
Length(in) 11.8
Weight (lbs.)
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 *Output is measured under the conditions of .1kg/L bulk density and masterbatch particles in diameter of 2-3mm by continuous operation. Actual output capacity depends on actual material characteristics, the actual material, bulk density, flow ability, particle size all of which is dependent upon the recipe settings.

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Features of Our Dual-Color Auger Feeders

If your company is searching for a top-grade industrial mixer, our single- and 2-color auger feeders are among the best available on the market. Some key, unique features of our dual-color auger feeders include the following:

  • Chrome-plated auger screws
  • Quick disassemble and clean modules
  • 3-bar magnet
  • Machine signals are wired directly to unit/li>
  • Configuration for injection or extrusion process
  • “Follows” screw rotation
  • 50-recipe capacity
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Auger blockage detection alarm and stop

With these great features, it’s not surprising that so many industries have come to rely upon dual-color auger feeders in their operations. For further insights about 2-color auger feeders, be sure to reach out to the Shini USA team.

Dual-Color Auger Feeders and More from Shini USA

Dual-color auger feeders from Shini USA have gained popularity across several industries due to their versatility. With their sleek design and variety of features, these feeders can drastically improve your operations. In addition to our dual-color auger feeders, we also carry:

For a full list of efficient industrial blenders, mixers, and other equipment from Shini USA, you can visit our product page.

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Shini USA takes pride in carrying products like our dual-color auger feeders that contribute to smoother production for your business. Their ability to be quickly disassembled and cleaned can minimize downtime, making them a great investment for your business.

If you have questions about our dual-color auger feeders, or any of our other industrial blenders or mixers, you can submit an inquiry and a member of our team will contact you shortly. We look forward to working with you.

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SCM-D-Dual-Color Auger Feeder