Single Color Auger Feeder

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single color auger feederThe single color auger feeder from Shini USA is designed to feed color concentrates or other additive type materials directly into a material stream at the feed throat of an extruder or molding machine. The single color screw feeder is safe and easy to operate, features a hopper magnet and incorporates a brushless gear motor, microprocessor controls and chrome plated dosing screws.


SCM-12 SCM-16
Output Capacity* (lbs)
.2 – 22 1 – 66
6.6 – 132
17 – 242
Motor HP
.08 .08
Motor speed
0 to 3000 RPM 0 to 3000 RPM
0 to 3000 RPM
0 to 3000 RPM
Storage bin capacity (L)
.5 cu/ft (15L) .5 cu/ft (15L)
.5 cu/ft (15L)
.5 cu/ft (15L)
Screw Diameter
12mm 16mm
Output power of Mixer (HP)
 .12  .12  .12  .12
Height (in) 20.5 20.5 20.5 20.5
Width (in) 24 24 24 24
Length(in) 13.25 13.25 13.25 13.25
Weight (lbs)
64 64
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 *Output is dependent on auger selection; 12mm, 16mm & 20mm Augers are interchangeable

Features of Our Single Color Auger Feeders Include:

  • Chrome Plated Auger Screws
  • Quick Disassemble and Clean Modules
  • 3 Bar Magnet
  • Machine Signals are Wired Directly to Unit
  • Configures for Injection or Extrusion Process
  • “Follows” Screw Rotation
  • 50 Recipe Capacity
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Auger Blockage Detection Alarm and Stop

As you can see, there are plenty of great features for our single color auger feeders. If you’re in need of equipment for transporting plastic parts and granules, we’re sure our single color auger feeders can meet and exceed your needs!


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single color auger feeder