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Our Line of Vacuum Loaders & Material Conveying Systems

In the process and manufacturing industries, it can sometimes be difficult to transport bulk materials into a plant from process to process. Different challenges may arise depending on your industry’s needs, which is why it is vital to find reliable equipment vacuum loaders and material conveying systems.

Because of factors such as time and production rates, it is important to be able to purchase these products from a company you can trust. That’s where Shini USA comes in.

Get to Know Our Feeding and Conveying Systems

No two facilities operate the same way, and all of them have different equipment needs. Shini USA, a division of Budzar Industries, offers a variety of feeding and pneumatic conveying machines to ensure that companies always find the best solution for their applications.

From our self-contained hopper loaders to our central vacuum receivers, we offer reliable and exceptional machines for facilities throughout the plastics and injection & blow molding industries.

You can see our line of feeding equipment products, along with some of their unit specifications, below:

Additionally, our vacuum and pneumatic conveying systems allow you to easily transport bulk materials in an easy and efficient manner.

The Benefits of Choosing Shini USA Pneumatic Conveying Systems

The types of pneumatic conveying systems we offer minimize dust and contamination in the air, providing a healthier and cleaner work environment. In addition to these safety factors, they also save you money by being more energy efficient with lowering material costs.

Our support team supplies excellent assistance for each feeding and conveying system over the phone. For your convenience, we also keep a large inventory of replacement parts for fast delivery.

Should you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be sure you receive excellent customer service.