Central Open-Rotor Scissor-Cut Granulators

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central open rotor scissor cut granulatorsThe Shini USA central open-rotor scissor-cut granulators are both safe and easy to operate. Each central open-rotor granulator allows for easy accessibility to parts for cleaning and maintenance, while its unique design helps minimize dust.

In addition to reducing dust, these central scissor-cut granulators also help to minimize noise pollution with a fully enclosed design featuring sound-proofing.

All of our central open-rotor scissor-granulators are available in 460- or 230-volt machines and are ideal for use beside the press to grind sprues, runners and rejected parts.

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Central Open-Rotor Scissor-Cut Granulator Specs

Shini USA central open-rotor scissor-cut granulators are available in several models, each equipped with unique features and dimensions.

Model SG-3060H SG-3675P SG-4360H
HP 25
Cutting Chamber (in) 12 x 24
14 x 29
17 x 24″
Blower HP 1 3 3.6
Fly Knife Style Scissor
Bed Blades 2
Fly 3 6 3
Thru-put (lbs/hr) 600
Rotor Speed (RPM) 500
Noise Level DB(A) 90 – 95
100 – 105
105 – 110
Length (in) 59
Width (in) 52
Height (in) 87
Feed Height (in) 49
Weight (lbs) 1,630
Your Price $15,990 $26,800 $40,850
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Model SG-4390H SG-5080P SG-50110P
HP 70 50
Cutting Chamber (in) 17 x 35″ 19 x 31
19 x 43
Blower HP 3.6 10 10
Fly Knife Style Scissor Chevron “V”
Chevron “V”
Bed Blades 4 4
Fly 6 6 6
Thru-put (lbs/hr) 2,500 2,420
Rotor Speed (RPM) 420 525
Noise Level DB(A) 105 – 110 100 – 115
100 – 115
Length (in) 75 101
Width (in) 92 77
Height (in) 124 124
Feed Height (in) 65 85
Weight (lbs) 6,350 7,291
Your Price $45,925 $56,400 $60,425
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Model SG-7090B SG-70120B
Cutting Chamber (in)
27 x 35
27 x 47
Blower HP 6 8
Fly Knife Style
Chevron “V”
Chevron “V”
Bed Blades
Fly 6 6
Thru-put (lbs/hr)
Rotor Speed (RPM) 525 525
Noise Level DB(A) 120 120
Length (in) 104 1104
Width (in) 79 91
Height (in) 155 155
Feed Height (in) 110 110
Weight (lbs) 8,818 9,921
Your Price $87,125 $102,500
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Central Scissor-Cut Granulator Features

Each central open-rotor scissor-cut granulator is designed with our customers in mind. The design for our central scissor-cut granulator includes a standard rotor blade design, a tilt-back hopper and a reversible screen. These features not only increase usability, but also help increase the performance of our central open-rotor granulators. Features that apply to our central open-rotor scissor-cut granulators include the following:

  • Adjustable angle on inlet chute for easy feeding from conveyor
  • Power-assisted, tilt-back hopper
  • Tangential feed
  • Hardened cutting chamber
  • Hardened D2 knives
  • Standard rotor blade design
  • Blade retainer for quick blade changing without re-adjustment
  • Fully enclosed design and sound-proofing for low noise operation
  • Reversible screen design
  • Solid pulley design
  • Sealed bearings
  • Tool-free access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Emergency E-stop
  • Main power disconnect
  • Motor overload
  • Dual electrical safeties

Why Your Next Central Scissor-Cut Granulator Should Come from Shini USA

Shini USA is a highly reputable manufacturer in the plastics processing industry. The unique designs of our central open-rotor scissor-cut granulator provide both safety and ease of operation, and allow for simple clean up.

Plus, we never sacrifice quality or performance for price, which means when you invest in a piece of equipment from Shini USA, such as a central scissor-cut granulator, you are guaranteed a product that delivers optimal performance and improves your plastic recycling operations.

In addition to prioritizing our clients’ needs and investing in the best technology for our products, we also go above and beyond to deliver top-tier customer service. Some measures we take to ensure complete satisfaction include:

  • Each of our units, including our central scissor-cut granulator, goes through a series of quality control checks before being packaged and shipped off to customers
  • Units are thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and tested prior to shipment
  • We offer in-house samples of materials grinded by our units to ensure the output is to your standards
  • Units shipped to customers are always brand new

Contact Shini USA for More Information on Our Central Open-Rotor Scissor-Cut Granulators

If you’re ready to purchase a central scissor-cut granulator, or any of our other products, the team at Shini USA is ready to help. Contact us today for a quote or to learn more about the product that will best suit your needs.

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