Low Speed Granulators

Here at Shini USA, a division of Budzar Industries, we offer two types of slow speed granulators to our customers – the solid rotor/staggered knife and open rotor/scissor cut granulators. Both are ideal for use in the injection molding and blow molding industries.

More so, each version of the Shini USA soundproof low speed plastic grinder provides immediate recycling services for plastic sprues and rejected parts from the injection molding and blow molding processes. This helps to eliminate the distribution and storage of waste and regrind, while maintaining product quality.

So which type of granulator is the right choice for your company?

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Solid Rotor Staggered Blade Granulators        Open Rotor Scissor Cut Granulators

How to Choose Your Slow Speed Granulator

Each of our low speed granulators comes equipped with D2 steel cassette knives, which creates well-proportioned granules that minimize dust. Additionally, these blades can be replaced easily and economically, eliminating additional re-sharpening costs.

Open Rotor Grinders
Open rotor grinders are designed for less dense, or “airy,” parts such as bottles, bottle closures, thin wall housings, thin extrusions and film.

Solid Rotor Grinders
The solid rotors are meant for heavier parts and those that have thick profiles. These rotors are designed to bounce the parts and “nibble” at them so as not to stall the grinder.