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nose-over conveyors

At Shini USA, we are an industry-leading, premier plastic processing equipment company with a wide variety of high-quality products, including our adjustable nose-over conveyors.

The Shini USA nose-over conveyors keep parts and sprues moving. Designed to carry finished products and sprues up inclines or down declines, our nose-over conveyors provide a smooth, efficient, and cost-effective automation system.

Pricing and Specifications for Our Nose-Over Belt Conveyors

H inches 39.5 39.5 39.5 51.7 51.7 51.7
H1 inches 12.8 12.8 12.8 13.5 13.5 13.5
H2 inches 18.5 18.5 18.5 19.2 19.2 19.2
W inches 21 23.7 28.8 21 23.7 28.9
W1 inches 19 21.8 26.9 19 21.8 26.9
W2 inches 9.8 12.6 17.7 9.8 12.6 17.7
W3 inches 14.1 16.9 22 14.1 16.9 22
D inches 71.4 71.4 71.4 87.6 87.6 87.6
D1 inches 51.2 51.2 51.2 70.9 70.9 70.9
D2 inches 33.3 33.3 33.3 35.8 35.8 35.8
D3 inches 27.2 27.2 27.2 27.2 27.2 27.2
D4 inches 20.5 20.5 20.5 26.2 26.2 26.2
Weight lbs 200 225 250 220 220 265
Price $2,915 $3,025 $3,075 $3,135 $3,175 $3,295
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Features of Our Nose-Over Conveyors

At our company, we strive to find innovative solutions in our ongoing effort to manufacture the best products and systems for your business. With this in mind, our nose-over conveyors provide a smooth transition from the incline to the horizontal, delivering key benefits for businesses.

Standard features of the Shini USA nose-over conveyors include an adjustable conveyor height with locking nut, lockable swivel casters, start and stop controls, and 4″ sidewalls. Other features of our product include:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • TEFC variable speed motor
  • Available in 110 or 230 volt
  • PVC belt allows for smooth and efficient conveying
  • Start/stop controls
  • 4” sidewalls
  • Infeed hopper to facilitate regrind conveying
  • Four swivel locking castors
  • Adjustable conveyor height with locking nut

For more information on the nose-over conveyor systems from Shini USA and the features you can expect, please take a few moments to fill out the contact us form and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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Shini USA Nose Over Conveyor

Shini USA Nose-Over Conveyors and More

At Shini USA, we carry numerous products, systems, and applications that cater to and can improve your overall business operations. Our adjustable nose-over conveyors are designed to transfer finished products and sprues up inclines and down declines at your desired speed. Additionally, our systems are factory tested prior to shipping and ensure a cost-effective and highly efficient automation system.

Some of our related products include:

No matter what your business is aiming to achieve in terms of conveying products, Shini USA will help you find the best solution. Contact a member of the team today to learn about our variety of conveyor options.

Choose Shini USA for Adjustable Nose-Over Conveyors

One key aspect of Shini USA that sets us apart from the rest is that our customers are our top priority. We have an exceptional team that is dedicated to providing customer care and satisfaction by:

  • Performing routine quality assurance checks
  • Unpackaging, cleaning, and testing each system prior to shipping
  • Only shipping brand-new machines to our customers
  • Resolving problems as quickly and efficiently as possible

Our conveyor systems are designed and manufactured with durability and efficiency in mind. If you’re in the market for reliable, adjustable nose-over conveyors that consistently get the job done correctly, you’ve come to the right place.

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