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screenless low-speed granulatorsAt Shini USA, we offer many different granulators based on your specific industrial needs. Our screenless, low-speed granulators are user friendly and feature a trapezoid staggered-blade cutting design for longer blade life. Safe and easy to operate, each screenless, low-speed grinder minimizes dust and allows for easy accessibility to parts for cleaning and maintenance.

In addition to reducing dust, the screenless, low-speed granulators feature a versatile design which allows for robot, conveyor, or hand-fed operations. The trapezoid staggered blade provides more cuts per revolution resulting in higher outputs and consistent particle size.

All of our screenless low-speed grinders are available in 460- or 230-volt machines and are ideal for use beside the press to grind sprues, runners, and rejected parts.

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Specifications on Our Screenless Granulators

Model SG-1411 SG-1417 SG-2417N
HP 0.45
Hopper Opening (in) 9.3 x 8.3
9.3 x 10.5
12.1 x 11.4
Chamber size (in) 5.5 x 4.3 5.5 x 6.9 9.4 x 6.9
Staggered Cutter(s) 1 2 2
Thru-put (lbs./hr.) 4.4
Rotor Speed (RPM) 32
Depth (in) 29.1
Width (in) 11.4
Height (in) 42.5
Weight (lbs) 183
Your Price $4,695 $5,225 $6,820
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Model SG-2427N SG-2436N SG-2446N
HP .86 1.75
Hopper Opening (in) 12.1 x 15.2 12.1 x 18.7
12.1 x 21.5
Chamber size (in) 9.4 x 10.6 9.4 x 14.4 9.4 x 18.1
Staggered Cutter(s) 2 3
Teeth cutter 3 4
Thru-put ( 28.6 37.4 48.4
Rotor Speed (RPM) 33 33
Depth (in) 34.4 38.2
Width (in) 16.7 16.7
Height (in) 52.4 52.4
Weight (lbs) 529 567
Your Price $7,745 $9,980 $13,500
Order Online Order Online Order Online
Model SG-2436T SG-2446T
2.55 x 2
2.55 x 2
Hopper Opening (in)
19.9 x 14.4
19.9 x 18.4
Chamber Size (in) 24.4 x 27 24.4 x 30.9
Staggered Cutter(s)
Teeth Cutter N/A N/A
Thru-put ( 72.6 121
Rotor Speed (RPM)
Depth (in)
Width (in) 30.4 30.4
Height (in)
Weight (lbs)
Your Price $19,920 $22,100
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Screenless Low-Speed Grinder Features

At Shini USA, we supply top-tier products to all of customers. Each screenless, low-speed granulator is designed with our customers in mind. The design for our screenless low-speed granulator includes a staggered blade design and a tilt-back hopper. These features not only increase usability, but also help increase the performance of our screenless, low-speed grinders. Our models are also soundproof and ideal for grinding various materials.

More key features of our screenless granulators include:

  • Staggered trapezoid cutting design
  • Gear driven low-speed motor
  • Tilt-back hopper
  • Safety interlocks
  • Hardened cutting blades
  • Obstruction alarm when blockage occurs
  • Emergency E-Stop
  • Vacuum take-off port
  • Automatic reverse design
  • Caster mounting

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Additional Photos and Multimedia Covering Our Screenless Low-Speed Granulators

Screenless Low Speed Staggered Blade Granulator with Double Blade

Double teeth cutter

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When working in the plastic processing industry, accurate and reliable equipment is essential for maximum productivity. Our goal is to always achieve 100% customer satisfaction by providing reliable and quality equipment to fulfill your needs. We ensure that all of our plastic granulators have properly gapped knives to prevent any malfunction and ensure efficient granulation. We are committed to our products and making sure that each unit will operate as promised.

To ensure each unit you receive operates as promised, our machines go through a series of quality control checks before being shipped. If you want to see how our granulators work before purchasing, we can grind up materials in our equipment lab and send them to you so you can check out the quality for yourself.

Interested in obtaining a quote? Use our online granulator form and you will receive a quote that will meet your specific granulator needs.

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As a leading plastic processing and plastic recycling equipment supplier, we are dedicated to giving our customers the most reliable equipment out there. We want your business to thrive, and you can start with our screenless granulators.

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