Water Flow Regulators

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Water flow regulator

Shini USA is a leading supplier of plastic processing equipment and parts. We know that high-quality, durable equipment is essential to your operation and efficiency, and we take pride in providing quality equipment for every step in the process.

A water flow regulator is the ideal solution for your industrial heating and cooling systems and is essential to improve plastic molding efficiency. Water flow regulators from Shini USA are designed to work with temperature control units, portable air-cooled chillersportable water-cooled chillers, and cooling towers. A water flow regulator is essential for monitoring open and closed cooling circuits. Modularized combinations ensure convenient installations and maintenance.

Learn more about the specs for our adjustable water flow regulators on our data sheet and below, and be sure to reach out to us with any questions you have.

Specs for Water Flow Regulators

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Number of Zones

The Process of a Water Flow Regulator

The adjustable water flow regulator follows a simple process to regulate the temperature of the water in your industrial heating and cooling systems. The process includes:

  1. Circulating water enters the regulator via the water inlet
  2. Circulating water enters the mold through the valve
  3. After the water completes its circulation, it re-enters the flow tube via the return water inlet
  4. At this time, the flowrate can be observed in the flow tubes
  5. Circulating water returns to the mold temperature controllers, water chillers, or cooling towers through the water outlet
  6. The thermometer displays the temperature of pipe flow

Features of Shini USA Water Flow Regulators

When you choose Shini USA for water flow regulators, you receive a wide array of benefits and features, including:

  • Maximum operating temperature of 210 °F
  • Maximum pressure of 145 PSI
  • Flow rate range from 0 to 5 GPM per zone
  • Mold hose connections 3/8″ per zone
  • Each adjustable water flow regulator is leak tested prior to shipment
  • High-quality brass internal components designed to withstand poor water quality
  • Easy-to-clean design, along with an included cleaning brush
  • Molded reference indicators

As noted above, our adjustable water flow regulators are available in the SFR-400 model and SFR-800 model, with the key difference being one of scale, with the SFR-800 being a wider unit.

With easy functionality and a simple installation process, a water flow regulator from Shini USA will be monitoring your facility’s cooling circuits in no time with exceptional efficiency. Our water flow regulators are trusted by the plastics industry to optimize operations and maximize production potential.

Why Choose Shini USA for Your Adjustable Water Flow Regulators

Shini USA provides unparalleled product quality and customer service. To ensure that you receive the highest quality product, every adjustable water regulator undergoes a series of quality control checks before being shipped out. Plus, you’ll have access to our trained team of technicians for product support every step of the way.

We’re proud to offer a range reliable, cost-effective, and quality plastics processing equipment to keep your operations running smoothly.

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